Well now people have been asking me to write my recipes down  for EOOONS  now and I am finally doing it!!

Cooking just makes me happy, I have had a lifelong obsession, a fascination with transformation,the idea of alchemy,in everyday tiny magical moments,I’m talking about everyday glories.The moment that the saffron turns the water golden, the moment the butter is whisked into a sauce and turns it silken, the warm tingle you get all over your body when the aroma of freshly baked bread rising in the oven fills the house…the kind of magic that happens in a smile, a hug, in a kiss and for me always always in the kitchen and around a table of lovely people. I do like people, and I am oddly moved by beauty that is happened upon, unexpected wonder that saves my life time and time again. I find it in music , in books, in my family,in friends  old and new and every every every day I find it in cooking. Its my perfect  moment.

I’ve decided to start sort of at the beginning. Chicken chicken chicken. If you ask any of our  kids they’ll tell you they grew up on various versions of this dish over the years its evolved and come back and changed again but this right here is the essential heart of the dish. This dish is one of the first things I cooked for people out side of the house the first time I felt brave enougb to cook in a restaurant setting. So this really is the start of the story.

I’ve given you a waffle recipe to go with it but you serve it with rice and peas or coconut rice or even a jacket potato of you fancy it! recipes are the starting place, the jumping off point. So here you go, make it your own xxxx

love Andi xx